Why I've given up trying to understand my online audience

Why I've given up trying to understand my online audience

I want to get something off my chesticles about switching from courting businesses as a freelancer to courting consumers as an author. Yup, we're talking B2B vs. B2C with a dollop of snark.

To give you a picture of the stress this swap caused—during COVID no less—imagine Hulk Hogan planting his thicc ass on my moobs and forcing me to guess what he wants before he caves my lungs in.

Oh, and he has the communication skills of an actual toddler.

I try to read his face, translate his How Is Babby Formed babbling, but every single day it changes.

Shit—every single hour it changes and my fucking ribs are broken.

Let me break down the way social media marketing has operated for me lately

So you can see why it's possibly not operating for you, too

What my audience likes on LinkedIn has swapped violently since mid-2020.

One day, it's politics. Then, people don't like that, but then they do, and it has never been this unpredictable before in the history of forever.

The next day, people get mad hype about a video of Polly from CONSTELIS VOSS—who is despised by most readers of my series...what??

Add the frenetic engagements with LinkedIn censorship and shadow-banning whoever/whenever, and you get small creators struggling.

If you've been seeing this, please let me know.

My online audience on TikTok wants sexy Russian-accent femboy ASMR from this fake 3D avatar man who then lectures them about social issues.

Although TikTok is more consistent, estimating WTF followers want while also maintaining true is like playing a game of whac-a-mole.

If you're TikTok flatlining, no doubt you're seeing this too—especially if you're queer, disabled, fat, BIPOC, and/or any other marginalized group.

TikTok has been censoring us to holy hell, after all.

As for Twitter? It's nonsense.

I can make the same statement in 5 different threads, and only one will do anything—it doesn't matter if the thread creator has a high follower count. It doesn't matter if it's posted at a different time. It doesn't matter if it's equipped with an image.

There is no logic to literally any of this marketing-math. The only consistency here in engagements is variety. Which is the exact opposite of what B2C marketing playbooks espouse.

The series of tubes has broken for small creators and businesses. If you agree with me, I think we all need to start doing shit differently.

Kira, I am an out-of-touch social media marketer telling you you're wrong, reee!

Me: Yeah, maybe not a year ago. But now, for smol brands like mine? Totally.

The shift from B2B to B2C has never been more volatile. In freelance life, all it took to get plenty of clients was to write a bunch of goofy articles on marketing and be an old man yelling at important clouds.

But where it stands as per getting an LGBTQ+ sci-fi trilogy from Russian literature & anime-story-beat hell in readers' hands during COVID, I clearly have no idea what I'm doing.

Despite having sales and reviews a new Startup would kill for, I can honestly say that I do not know how organic digital works now for small creators.

If it does at all.

Social media is still the biggest game in town for getting your work/products out there, but the game absolutely changed in 2020.

There is no predictable method for anything, except: outrage, grifting, and throwing money at ads. Which small creators/biz don't tend to have the deep pockets for.

I think we gotta go weird, so...

I'm done trying to figure out what my online audience and the algo wants

We're doing what I want now

I've been going about this book marketing shit all wrong, and if you're a small B2C operation, I'm lowkey gonna say you've been tackling your marketing wrong in The New Normal, too.

We've been trying to please an ever-finicky, fickle toddler Hulk Hogan that has in recent months gone off the goddamn rails—I know you see it too.

So I'm not going to do any of it, because changing the way the algo operates means putting 'weird' out there, and God—weird is really good.

When you're ready to get learned about classism, hegemonic messaging, and unjust systems via a viciously funny, insanely smart LGBTQ+ sci-fi trilogy, do it up. Until then, enjoy the metric ton of absurdist weeb humor, rants, and robo-butts because that's what I want to do.

Not your thing—your thing doesn't make sense.

My thing now.

Peace, binches.


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