Ah, so it truly begins

Ah, so it truly begins

  • Copyediting/formatting is happening
  • Marketing team is get
  • Work is finally starting
  • I'm terrified
  • I am hopeful
  • Thank you for standing by me
  • Let's see where this can go
  • Will you help me lift this up, so that we may—if possible—change the world, with art?



The play’s credits performed in reverse. Laughter wove in spliced tongues. Sobs were shots of vodka mimed backwards in still-frame memories. Today was the day he’d truly been born.

For one cannot truly be alive when they’re a ghost of their own making. Nor can one subject those they love, or the whole world, to the constant possessions of their patterns.

One must be willing to live again, and perhaps even be willing to live a life so very haunted.

A life full of choices with unforeseen outcomes and dire mistakes. A life of progress, pain, joy and setbacks. A life full of giving, and receiving, responsibility.

A life full of listening, and learning, and learning to listen.

A life, imperfect.

Life is never perfect, and never simple, nor is it easy. That’s the lesson to be learned.

And yet, you must still try. You must try to be strong enough to allow yourself to be weak, and protect each other, come what may.

For that, dear audience, is how you truly fucking live.


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alex [redacted]

alex [redacted]

I'm just a dude from the 90s, trying to make sense out of being a robot in the future, and failing horribly at it.